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Amelia Lewis – Rookie Blog Three

Posted by on Aug 22nd, 2011 and filed under Golf. You can follow any responses to this entry through the RSS 2.0. Both comments and pings are currently closed.

Life in the fast lane as an LPGA Tour Rookie

Make no mistake about it – it is hard work being part of the LPGA. There are a lot of endless days of practice, weeks of travel, many new rules to learn, people to meet, etc, ect. However, there are also so many great moments that it make it all worth it. One of the most exciting things yet was my first MEDIA DAY! I have always read about them but now I was part of one. The LPGA asked me to fly up to Syracuse, New York for two days to promote the LPGA Futures Tour Alliance Bank Classic Presented by Wegmans – a tournament where I had finished runner-up in 2010. I knew it was going to be an amazing experience for me and I was so excited to get my first Media Day started!

Fresh off a 36-hole qualifier for the U.S. Women’s Open the day before, I boarded a 6:30 a.m. flight from Jacksonville, Florida to Syracuse, New York to start my journey. On the plane, I readied for the trip ahead by looking at an outline of the day’s activities. Here is a brief overview of what it looked like: 11:30- arrive in Syracuse, 12:30- interviews and present award at High School Championship, 2:30- radio interview, 3:30- film 11 golf tips, 6:30- meet and greet. And that was only Day One! I knew that I had a long and busy day ahead of me and that Red Bull was going to be a necessity.

Immediately when I landed, I met Rachel Vaughn from the Pinckney Hugo Group (the advertising agency organizing the media day) who organized the day’s events and we were off. We had a long day ahead of us and there was no time to waste. Our first stop was the Section III Women’s High School Golf Championship, where I presented the award to the winner and invited them to play in the Alliance Bank Classic Presented by Wegmans. Next, we rushed over to Drumlins Country Club to prepare for a radio interview and to film golf tips for Time Warner Sports Cable.

As always, the radio interview was exciting because I was on the air talking live. Then I got to do something totally new and fun. I had to come up with 11 golf tips to demonstrate and explain for the local television sports station. It’s a strange feeling, having to put into words what comes so natural to me and what I practice every day. For example, one of my golf tips was my pre-shot routine. Typically I take two practice swings, one focusing on a move I am trying to accomplish in my swing and the other focusing on tempo and having a nice solid swing. Next, I visualize the shot I am trying to hit. Then, I step up and hit the ball. I am not used to articulating that process, I just normally do it without thinking. So while I was the pro and I knew how to do every tip, it was a challenge because I had to actually think about what I was doing. Oh, and did I mention that the tips were two minutes long, so during those two minutes I had to speak very clearly and couldn’t make a mistake or repeat myself? Thanks to the producer, Pete Gaines, for his patience.

After filming the golf tips, I finally got to relax and meet with the ladies league at Drumlins. Then it was off to the hotel for much-needed rest! The day seemed like a blur. Everything happened so fast and I felt like I was a teenager learning how to drive and my first time behind the wheel was on a highway. But I survived and I felt much more confident and prepared for whatever I may do in the future. The next day was piece of cake compared to the previous day, with only three interviews and a photo shoot to accomplish. The trip had been an enormous success and I had learned so much. I never realized how much organization and scheduling an LPGA media day took and kudos to Rachel and e

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