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Nordqvist and Hjorth rely on experience at Killeen Castle for 2011 Solheim Cup

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Anna Nordqvist and Maria Hjorth both have experience playing Killeen Castle and will use that this week at The Solheim Cup as they look to help the European Team bring home the Cup.

THE MODERATOR: And you’ve both played Killeen Castle before, so can you give us your thoughts about the golf course and how it’s playing?

ANNA NORDQVIST: Yeah, we played the Irish Open here last year and just a couple weeks ago. I think it’s a great golf course. I saw it for the first time today. It’s playing a lot different than it did back in August. It’s playing pretty long, because the ball doesn’t fly as far.

But it’s a true test because you’re going to have to hit your irons good to get close to the pin and hopefully make a lot of birdies. But I think it’s a great set‑up, and I think it’s going to favor whoever plays the best.

MARIA HJORTH: I think it’s obviously playing very different to the last time we were here, especially the front nine was playing very long this morning. The greens are ‑‑ the greens are really nice. The course is in great shape.

I’m not sure if we’re going to keep having the course playing this long, but I still think it’s great. It’s going to be a great challenge for everybody. The greens are pretty tough, and coming in with long irons into the greens are very difficult.

But I think it’s going to be a lot of fun, and hopefully the weather will cooperate as well.

Q. How important will the mental focus be, just trying to focus yourself and not trying too hard?
ANNA NORDQVIST: I think as strong as the athletes you have this week, you’ve got to really be strong. You’re going to win holes, you’re going to lose holes and fight through things. We can expect some weather this week. It’s a part of it, and whoever stays the strongest will come out on top.

Q. This morning the Americans are saying that perhaps they’re the underdogs. Do you think you’re the favorites going into this event? You’re probably the foreign team through the season, but does the favorite tag sit well with you?
MARIA HJORTH: I don’t know. Looking at world ranking, they’re still the team that’s going to win this week. And I think that’s why we have a great feeling coming in this week. We have nothing to lose. If we lose, then I think a lot of people are going to say, well, you were supposed to lose. If we win, it’s going to be something huge.

I think we’re going in here and we’re all playing really well. I think that gives us a great boost. We’re all playing very consistent and have been for a while now.

So I think that’s ‑‑ I don’t know I still think it’s going to be them having a little bit of an advantage, but also with the course set‑up, I think we have maybe a little longer hitting team on average, which will help I think, in these conditions. Also the crowd, obviously is behind us, and that’s a huge bonus too.

So I think it’s going to be a great match. I think it’s going to be really tight, and hopefully we can start making some putts. That’s usually where we kind of lose a little bit. But hopefully we can do that this year.

Q. So what do you do to deal with this nervousness before you go out? What is your trick?

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